Monthly Archives: November, 2022

The Chiropractic Care of Children

The use of chiropractic care in children has been on the rise for decades. In a recent study, Lee et. al predicted that pediatric patients made around 30 million visits to chiropractors in 1997, a 50 percent increase within the previous four years. In a more recent study, Joel Alcantara, Jeanne Ohm and Derek Kunz […]

Using Chiropractic Care for Nonmusculoskeletal Conditions

In a systematic review, Cheryl Hawk et. al assessed chiropractic care as a therapeutic treatment for patients with nonmusculoskeletal conditions. This review looked at chiropractic care as a whole, not just spinal manipulation, and looked at studies and papers published in PubMed, Ovid, Mantis, Index to Chiropractic Literature and CINAHL. The researchers reviewed 179 papers […]

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