The Technique

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Dr. Laird’s chiropractic technique is directed toward solving problems in the soft tissue to reduce pain and inflammation. It does not, therefore, require any forceful thrust movements that can cause spinal joints to make the popping or crunching sound often associated with chiropractic care.

His primary focus is on the areas in the muscles and other connective tissue that are inflamed, swollen or even in the early stages of fibrosis. Using a gentle hand pressure technique, Dr. Laird manipulates these areas, or “trigger points” with the intent of improving circulation and preventing – even interrupting – the formation of fibrous material within the muscle.

It is this type of fibrotic scarring that generally causes muscles to shorten, cramp and exert pressure on the spine. Muscles that are not blocked by areas of inflammation or fibrous “knots” are then easily cleansed, supported and nourished by the body’s circulatory system. This nourishment, or oxygenation, results in muscles that are more supple and able to work with the spine other joints to produce flexible, coordinated, and less painful movement.


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