Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How long is the average chiropractic appointment?

You will spend 30-40 minutes with Dr. Laird during your initial exam. Subsequent visits will generally last 15-20 minutes.

2. Do I need to have x-rays taken before I come in for treatment?

No. If, after your initial exam, Dr. Laird concludes that x-rays are necessary he will provide you with a referral and help you navigate the process.

3. Will I feel better, or worse, after my first chiropractic appointment?

Each person is different. Generally patients experience at least some pain relief after the first visit. They can, however, also experience dizziness, light-
headedness, and even nausea. This is because some of the toxins that have been concentrated in swollen tissue, or fibrotic knots have been forced out of the muscle and into the bloodstream as part of the cleansing process. Also, it is not uncommon for pain to “jump around,” or for soreness to develop in the following couple of days. This is normal and will slowly diminish as treatment progresses.

4. Once I begin treatment, do I have to keep coming back “forever”?

Not at all. Although it is very rare for a patient to be “cured” in just one visit, it does occasionally happen. Most patients will need a series of treatments to address one or two areas of specific concern: back pain, sciatic pain, etc. Still others, particularly those who experience chronic pain, will benefit from a program of long-term care. Some patients, after in initial series of treatment, schedule regular but infrequent Chiropractic visits as part of a personal wellness plan.

5. Does your technique work with other therapies or does it have to be done alone?

Dr. Laird often works in conjunction with other therapists and welcomes the opportunity to confer with your other providers. Your treatment plan is just that: yours. Should you need additional care somewhere else, Dr. Laird will be the first to recommend it. He may also recommend stretches or exercises for you to do on your own as part of your treatment.

6. Will it hurt?

Again, Dr. Laird does no hard-force adjustments as part of his chiropractic care. He works slowly, deliberately and as gently as possible and does not exert more physical pressure than you can comfortably tolerate. The idea is to reduce suffering, not to prolong it.




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