The Initial Examination

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As a new patient, your first chiropractic appointment will consist of three components: a consultation, an examination, and a discussion of findings with treatment recommendations.

1. The consultation

The consultation offers you an opportunity to discuss your concerns and any back, neck or other pain you’re experiencing, with Dr. Laird. During this phase of your treatment session, you will do much of the talking. Dr. Laird will direct the conversation by asking relevant questions; however, he will want to gain as much understanding as possible about your health and any previous treatment you may have had. This can best be done by listening.

2. The examination

The examination then permits Dr. Laird to check your patterns of movement: he checks for motion that is bound, restricted or weak. Postural irregularities (that often elude self examination) are also noted. This is also the phase in which other material — such as x rays and/or reports — may be reviewed.

Finally, Dr. Laird will manually palpate areas of soft tissue where swelling or early fibrosis may be hidden within the muscle. These “trigger points,” when discovered by the application of light pressure, often produce a somewhat painful almost electric sensation, and are usually not detected by imaging or during regular medical exams. It is these areas of swollen and/or fibrotic tissue that often produce chronic pain and limit movement.

3. The discussion of findings

The discussion of findings with chiropractic treatment recommendations is aimed at providing you with some answers and direction. Dr. Laird will talk with you about his exam findings and encourage you to voice your concerns and questions. He will also discuss your treatment options and work with you to craft a plan of action that will work within the constraints of your schedule and budget, with the goal of reducing pain and improving movement.



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