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Lunge Stretch for Back Pain

The psoas muscle connects to your spine in the lower back, runs down your abdomen through your pelvis and attaches to the inside of your upper thigh. This long muscle can get incredibly tight if you spend a lot of time sitting, leading to pain and discomfort. Try this lunge stretch to help stretch both […]

Shoulder Squeeze for Neck Pain

This shoulder squeeze is an easy way to loosen a tight neck and shoulders. Best of all, it can be done in a chair and at your desk, so you can do it at work to reduce pain in a moment. Start by moving yourself to the front edge of the chair so your feet […]

Bridge Pose for Posture

Bridge pose is a simple yoga pose that can help improve your posture. If you’ve ever spent a lot of time bent over a computer or a desk, you’ll understand how easy it is for your head to get bent forward and your shoulders to hunch. Bridge pose helps to relax and realign your spine, […]

Chest Stretch

      One of the ways to reduce tightness in your neck and shoulders is to stretch out your pectoral muscles. Doing a chest stretch helps loosen muscles that become tight from sitting too long hunched forward over a desk or a computer. Here’s a simple chest stretch to help your neck and shoulder […]

Hamstring Stretch for Low Back Pain

Not many people realize that low back pain can come from tight hamstrings. If you sit all day for your job, it’s easy for these muscles on the back of your thighs to get tight from lack of extension. Here’s an easy hamstring stretch that you can do anywhere. Find a chair, step or other […]