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Chiropractic Care Reduces Back Pain in Military Study

Adding chiropractic care to other medical treatments helped U.S. service members with low back pain. The study from Dr. Christine Goertz, et. al incorporated data from three different locations: two large military medical centers and one smaller military hospital. All three sites enrolled 250 participants: U.S. active duty military personnel with low back pain attributed […]

Can Chiropractic Care Help Hypertension?

Hypertension is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to treat high blood pressure. There are many factors that can contribute to its presence. These include both the state of the autonomic nervous system and, for many, genetic factors as well. In November 2020, Stephanie GB Sullivan, Stefano Paolacci, […]

Less Access To Chiropractors Equals More Trips To The Doctor, Study Shows

It turns out chiropractic care can reduce the number of trips you take to the doctor if you’re older, according to a study conducted in 2021. Using data from Medicare, the study’s authors collected data from about 39,000 older adults who regularly used chiropractic care but had recently moved to a new location where chiropractors […]

Goodbye Painkillers: Alternative Options for Back & Neck Pain

One of the reasons people visit a chiropractor is because they’re looking for alternatives to taking painkillers for back and neck pain. Often, patients find relief when they use a combination of methods that together can reduce or eliminate the need for drugs such as ibuprofen or even stronger prescriptions for pain management. Before moving […]

Seeing a Chiropractor for TMJ Disorders

Do you grind your teeth? Do you find yourself gritting your teeth a lot because you’re stressed out, or angry, or trying to hold in your emotions? Have you just had an oral surgery? These may be some of the many reasons you might experience jaw pain or TMJ disorders.   The temporomandibular joint is […]

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