Monthly Archives: October, 2022

Stroke Victims Show Improvement After Spinal Manipulation

In a study published in Brain Sciences Magazine in April 2020, a group of scientists found that spinal manipulation after a stroke showed promising results. The study, by Muhammad Samran Navid et al, measured N30 amplitude in 17 male participants between the ages of 41 and 65. After a single session of spinal adjustment, N30 […]

New Study Seeks to Improve Chiropractic Care Strategies for Veterans

A new study is a first step in assessing and improving chiropractic care strategies for U.S. military veterans. In 2004, the Office of Veteran’s Affairs added chiropractic care as an option for veterans. Since then, the number of veterans taking advantage of this service through VA care facilities has increased exponentially. The use of chiropractic […]

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