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Standing Hip Strengthening Exercise

  Try this standing hip strengthening exercise to help develop the muscles in the outer hips. These muscles help with balance, running, yoga and cross country skiing. To do the standing hip strengthening exercise, you’ll need a resistance band tube, such as a Thera Band. Step into the tube and place it just above your […]

Hip Strengthener

If you’re a runner or you like to cross country ski, you understand the importance of having strong hips. There are also many yoga positions — especially balance positions — that require a lot of hip strength. This hip strengthener is a great option for anyone who wants to ensure their hips stay strong and […]

Upper Back Stretch

This upper back stretch is a simple one to do either sitting or standing. If you experience tight shoulders, this stretch can help loosen those muscles and also helps the muscles in the neck as well. To do this upper back stretch, start either sitting or standing comfortably with your spine straight and your chin […]

Simple Shoulder Stretch

Tight shoulders can affect nearly everyone. Whether you sit in one position at a desk all day or you do you manual labor, having tight shoulders can be painful. Try this simple shoulder stretch to help relieve some tension. Start kneeling on a firm but comfortable surface, such as a yoga mat or a rug. […]

Simple Stretch for Neck Pain

This simple stretch for neck pain can quickly and easily be done anywhere.   Start by making sure your spine is straight. If you’re sitting down, be sure you’re sitting up straight before you start. You may need to sit on the front edge of your seat. If you’re standing, make sure you aren’t leaning […]