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Chin Tucks for Stretching the Neck

These chin tucks are a great way to loosen the muscles in your neck and shoulders as you work. You can do them sitting or standing, as long as you can sit upright with a straight spine. To start, make sure your feet are firmly planted on the floor – you may need to move […]

Standing Neck and Shoulder Stretch

This simple standing neck and shoulder stretch does a great job of loosening the muscles in your neck and shoulders thant get tight over the course of a day, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting or staring at a computer screen. To do this stretch, start in a standing position with your […]

Shoulder Stretch

This shoulder stretch is easy to do sitting or standing to release tension in the neck and upper back. You can either sit or stand for this simple shoulder stretch. If you’re sitting, make sure both feet are firmly planted on the floor. If you’re standing, place your feet hip width apart and make sure […]

Leg Lifts for Low Back Pain

These leg lifts are a great way to strengthen your legs, buttocks and abs to help reduce lower back pain. Start on a firm, comfortable surface, such as a yoga mat. Lay on your right side and support your head on your hand, with your right elbow on the floor. Bend your knees and put […]

Lunge Stretch for Back Pain

The psoas muscle connects to your spine in the lower back, runs down your abdomen through your pelvis and attaches to the inside of your upper thigh. This long muscle can get incredibly tight if you spend a lot of time sitting, leading to pain and discomfort. Try this lunge stretch to help stretch both […]