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Lunge Pose for Back Pain

A lunge is a great pose for back pain. It helps develop balance and stability throughout the core and in the legs. It also helps to loosen tight muscles that may contribute to back pain. If you find the standing lunge to be too difficult, you can also opt for the kneeling lunge and work your […]

Triangle Pose with Bent Knee

Triangle pose with bent knee is a variation of triangle pose. This pose is done standing and helps lengthen and strengthen muscles in the legs and abdomen, while also providing some much-needed space between the ribs. To perform triangle pose with bent knee, start in a standing position with your feet hip distance apart and […]

Bridge Pose

If you’re looking for ways to reduce back pain, consider bridge pose. This pose both loosens tight abdominal muscles and helps to strengthen muscles in the back and legs. Start by lying on your back on a firm yet comfortable surface, such as a yoga mat. Bend your knees so your feet are flat on […]

Cat Cow: A Gentle Back Stretch

If you’ve ever done yoga, you’re likely familiar with cat cow. These two stretches are cornerstones of a yoga practice, from beginner up through advanced classes. They’re gentle back stretches that happen one after another, following the breath. To do cat cow, start in a kneeling position on a firm but comfortable surface, such as […]

Locust Pose for the Low Back

For anyone who has dealt with low back pain, it’s important to know that strengthening those muscles can help to reduce back pain. This simple exercise is from yoga. It’s called locust pose, and can help with strengthening the muscles in the back. To start, lay down your stomach on a firm yet comfortable surface, […]