Monthly Archives: June, 2017

Improve Health with a Sit Stand Workstation

Aside from using stretches to improve your lower back health, there’s another option that can greatly improve health for office workers: investing in a sit stand workstation. Many of the health hazards of sitting all day are relieved by the ability vary the position you’re working in. Specifically, it helps significantly improve posture to spend at […]

Shoulder Opener 2: Reverse Prayer

This week we’re continuing the series of shoulder opener poses. This one is a yoga posture called reverse prayer. To do reverse prayer pose, you can kneel, sit or stand in a comfortable position. Just make sure there’s nothing behind you so you can move your arms freely. Stretch your arms out wide at your […]

Shoulder Opener

One of the hidden dangers for people who work at a desk or computer is tight shoulders. If you tend to slouch forward when you work at a desk, your shoulders start to lean forward, which causes the muscles to tighten. Eventually, your posture stays that way, even when you’re not in front of a […]

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