This week we’re continuing the series of shoulder opener poses. This one is a yoga posture called reverse prayer.

To do reverse prayer pose, you can kneel, sit or stand in a comfortable position. Just make sure there’s nothing behind you so you can move your arms freely.

Stretch your arms out wide at your sides, tuck your chin to make your spine long and move your hands behind your back. Reverse prayer indicates you should try to put your palms together as if you were “praying” with your hands behind your back. However, you can do several variations of this shoulder opener if the actual pose is difficult for you or painful. One, you can simply clasp your hands behind you so your palms meet. You can also clasp your opposite elbow behind your back. Or, if you’re ready for the full reverse prayer pose, slowly inch your fingers up your back until your palms come close to meetings. Keep your back straight – try not to lean forward. Take deep breaths and hold the pose for 30 seconds. Release and shake out your wrists.reverse prayer shoulder opener