If you’ve never had a chiropractor appointment before, the process may seem mysterious and a bit intimidating. To help ease your fears, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect at your first visit.


When you call to make your first appointment, be sure to tell us whether it’s your first appointment ever with a chiropractor. Even if it’s not, be sure to say if it’s your first appointment with Dr. Laird. You may need to come in to the office about 10-15 minutes early to complete the associated medical history and paperwork.

Medical History

This paperwork includes questions about previous surgeries and illnesses, as well as asking you to write about any pain you’re experiencing in detail. This includes where on the body it hurts, how much, and the kind of pain, i.e. a dull throb, stabbing pain, etc.


After you’ve filled out the paperwork, you may be asked to wait a few minutes to give Dr. Laird some time to review your forms. If you’re feeling nervous, please tell the receptionist so she can be sure that Dr. Laird knows.

Examination and Treatment

You’ll be led to an examination room, where Dr. Laird will join you. You will talk about the pain you’re experiencing, if any, and whether that pain is affecting any part of your life. For example, is your neck pain making it hard to sleep? Does back pain make sitting at work for long periods of time uncomfortable?


After discussing your symptoms, Dr. Laird will do an examination to see how your range of motion is affected. He’ll talk to you about his treatment method, which is different from many other chiropractors. Many other chiropractors make quick, abrupt movements to adjust bones that are out of place. Dr. Laird works more in releasing tension in the soft tissue to allow those bones the room to move back into alignment.

Follow Up Appointments

After your appointment, Dr. Laird will discuss a treatment plan. This may include coming in on a regular basis until you begin to feel better. He may give you some exercises to help with your healing. And he will most likely suggest that you stay hydrated, which will aid in your recovery.


If Dr. Laird suggests coming in again, you can schedule your next chiropractic appointment on your way out.  The receptionist can help you find a time that works with your schedule.