Many people may be curious about going to the chiropractor, but are too nervous to give it a try. Others may have had bad experiences at the chiropractor, and are unaware that their experience was not normal. This week we’re going to cover what to expect at the chiropractor, and also some potential red flags.

1) You Can Expect Your Chiropractor to Ask You How You Are

A good chiropractor checks in with you at the beginning of the appointment to see how things are going. They may start by reviewing how you were on your last visit in their notes. He or she will also ask you how you’ve been feeling since last time. Specifically, they’ll want to know how you felt after the adjustment, and whether or not you had long-term positive or negative effects from their ministrations.

2) You Can Expect Your Chiropractor to Handle Feedback Well

If you come in to your appointment and tell your chiropractor that their last adjustment caused you more pain, he or she should be able to handle that feedback with grace. Your chiropractor should not blame you for the fact that the adjustment didn’t help you. If they’re about to perform an adjustment and it hurts or makes you feel uncomfortable, you can tell them this in the moment and they should stop. There are many techniques for spinal manipulation; if a specific technique doesn’t feel good, your chiropractor can offer you a different adjustment option.

3) Your Chiropractor May Suggest Exercises or Stretches at Home

Chiropractic adjustments are only one part of the puzzle of making you feel better. Your chiropractor may suggest exercises to do at home to help loosen or strengthen muscles. They might also suggest heat, ice, or, in some cases, over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen. These are all normal and can be helpful in making you feel better.

Overall, you should be able to expect a positive experience at the chiropractor. If you’re ready to make an appointment with Dr. Laird to discuss how you feel, contact us today.