Today in the latest version of our frequently asked questions we’re tackling another great question. How often should I schedule visits to the chiropractor?

How often you need to go to the chiropractor varies from person to person. It depends on many factors, including whether or not you’re in acute pain and what kind of regular adjustments you need to keep your system healthy and mobile.

Many people go to a see a chiropractor when something has happened and they’re in pain. When this happens, a chiropractor will assess the cause of the issue and do an adjustment. Oftentimes, it’s necessary to return frequently to help the muscles and joints adapt to the new, less painful position. Once things calm down, you’ll be able to distance out your visits more and more.

In addition to adjustments for acute pain and injury, there’s also maintenance chiropractic care: when you make regular visits to the chiropractor, but not because of an injury. The frequency of these visits depends a lot on your body and what it requires. You and your chiropractor will discuss what kind of a schedule works best for you.

Another piece of this is whether or not your visits are covered by medical insurance. If they are, you will need to check to see whether you have a maximum number of visits per year. It may make sense to distance maintenance chiropractic care so that you’re getting adjustments on a regular basis for as much of the year as possible.