Although many people believe that anything you do to reduce back pain must require a lot of effort, the supine twist is an example of the opposite. This simple stretch helps to loosen the low back, the pelvis and the outer hip.

To do the supine twist, lay on your back on a supportive, flat, firm surface. Stretch both legs out straight.

Gently lift your left leg and bend your knee so that you’ve created a 90-degree angle, with your shin perpendicular to the floor. Keeping your right leg in place, move your left knee toward the floor on the other side of your right leg. Work to keep your back on the floor; this twist should take place primarily in the low back. You can place your right hand on your left knee to encourage the knee toward the floor.

As much as you can, try to keep your shoulders flat on the floor. If that’s not possible at first, that’s ok. In any case, breathe deeply and try to allow yourself to relax into the pose. Switch sides and repeat.

supine twist