For anyone who has dealt with low back pain, it’s important to know that strengthening those muscles can help to reduce back pain. This simple exercise is from yoga. It’s called locust pose, and can help with strengthening the muscles in the back.

To start, lay down your stomach on a firm yet comfortable surface, such as a yoga mat. Rest your arms at your sides next to your legs.

Start by tightening the muscles in your legs and pointing your toes. Tighten the muscles in your stomach first, then raise your chest and your feet at the same time. Gaze straight ahead to keep your neck neutral. Imagine you are slowly pulling your arms up and back so you’re creating a reverse c curve.

Hold this pose for about 10 seconds, breathing in and out as evenly as possible. Slowly lower down until you can rest your left cheek on the floor. Relax completely and breathe for about 15 seconds. Repeat again, this time lowering yourself to your right cheek to rest when you’re done.

Locust pose