The straight arm triangle is a more advanced yoga pose to help you loosen your neck and shoulders. However, there are modifications that make it possible for anyone to do the straight arm triangle, even if your flexibility level doesn’t include being able to touch the floor.

To do the straight arm triangle, start with your feet wide apart. There should be roughly the length of one of your legs between your feet. Turn your front foot so your toes are facing straight ahead, so the foot is parallel to the front of your mat. Turn your back foot so that it’s perpendicular to both the front foot and the long edge of the mat.

Raise both your arms out in a “T” position, straight out from the shoulders. If your right foot is in front, your right arm should also be stretched out in front of you.

Reach forward slightly with your front arm to elongate at the waist. Keeping both your legs straight, let your front arm drop toward the ground. If you can’t reach the ground, you can put your hand on your thigh, your shin, or a block. DO NOT lean on your knee.

Breathe deeply in this position for several seconds. Bring your upper arm over your head and straight out over the top of your head to create a deep stretch in your ribs. You can either look down, look straight ahead or look up at your upper arm. Breathe and try to relax into the pose.

To come out of the pose, engage your abdominal muscles and bring your arm back over your head, effectively “cart-wheeling” your arms and upper body back up to the standing “T” position. Step your feet together and bend your knees to release the stretch. Switch sides and repeat.Straight arm triangle