This spinal twist for low back pain is a gentle way to relieve tension. Start by sitting on a firm but comfortable surface, such as a yoga mat. Sit up straight with both your legs out straight in front of you.

Start by bending your right knee so your right foot is resting on the floor. Keeping your back straight and your abdominal muscles engaged, start by twisting your torso to the right, toward your bent knee. Bring your right hand behind you and rest your fingers on the floor for better balance as you turn your torso toward the back of the room. Depending on your flexibility, you can either place your left hand on your right knee, or wrap your left arm around your knee, or — if you’re really flexible, place your left elbow on your right knee. With each of these options, the goal is to deepen the twist further, but never to the point of discomfort. With each inhale, straighten your spine more, imagining that there is a string pulling the crown of your head toward the ceiling. With each exhale, try to twist more toward the back of the room.

To release, start by unwinding until you face forward. Straighten both legs momentarily before bringing your left knee up and resting your left knee on the ground. Follow the steps above to complete twist on the left hand side.