If you suffer from neck pain, it may be because the muscles in your neck are tight. This simple stretch to reduce neck pain can be done anywhere with fairly little effort. Over time, it can help you reduce tension.

Start by sitting on a supportive but firm surface, such as a chair or an exercise ball (pictured). You can also do this exercise standing, but in that case make sure you’re twisting your neck and not your legs during the exercise.

Make sure your legs are at a 90 degree angle from your body with your feet flat on the ground.

Place your right hand in your lap.

Take a deep breath in and tighten your abdominal muscles. Take your left hand and place it on your left cheek. As you breathe out, gently push your head toward the right.

Breathe out completely as you’re pressing your cheek with your hand. When you’re ready to breathe in, reduce the amount you’re pushing slightly, and straighten your neck as you breathe in. Imagine there’s a string pulling from the top of your head toward the ceiling. As you breathe out, push gently with your hand again. You may find you can go slightly further than before.

Repeat this cycle 5 times – breathe out as you gently stretch your neck; breathe in as you back off slightly and lengthen your spine.

Switch sides and repeat.

Simple Stretch to Reduce Neck Pain