This simple stretch for neck pain can quickly and easily be done anywhere.


Start by making sure your spine is straight. If you’re sitting down, be sure you’re sitting up straight before you start. You may need to sit on the front edge of your seat. If you’re standing, make sure you aren’t leaning forward or back. In either case, pretend you have a string from the top of your head pulling you upward. Start in a neutral position, with your eyes forward and your chin parallel to the ground.

Keeping your shoulders back and down, slowly tip your head back as far as is comfortable. You can slowly close and open your mouth to increase the stretch in the front of your throat. Take five deep breaths in this position. Bring your head back to a neutral position, looking straight ahead.

simple stretch for neck pain

Once again checking that your shoulders are relaxed, slowly lower your chin toward your chest for as far as is comfortable. You may feel this in your neck, or between the tops of your shoulders.

Breathe in and out slowly five times before returning your head to neutral position.

simple stretch for neck pain


Repeat this simple stretch for neck pain regularly throughout the day.