This shoulder stretch is easy to do sitting or standing to release tension in the neck and upper back.

You can either sit or stand for this simple shoulder stretch. If you’re sitting, make sure both feet are firmly planted on the floor. If you’re standing, place your feet hip width apart and make sure you’ve distributed your weight evenly in both legs. Make sure your spine is straight. Tuck your chin slightly toward your chest.

Take both your hands and place them on top of your head, with your elbows bent and your fingers clasped together.

Breathing evenly, imagine you are trying to bring your elbows together to touch behind your head. Depending on where you’re tight, you may feel this stretch in your mid back, or perhaps in your chest muscles. Breathe deeply for 10 seconds, then release.

As an added bonus, you can loosen the muscles in your rib cage by starting the stretch as described, then tipping the left elbow toward the floor so right elbow starts to point toward the ceiling. You should feel a stretch in your right ribs under your armpit. Switch sides and repeat.

Shoulder Stretch