This seated hip stretch is simple and easy to do and will help to loosen hips made tight from extended periods of sitting at a desk.

Start by sitting on a comfortable, supported firm surface, such as a yoga mat on the floor. Keep a blanket handy; you may need it as a prop.

Sit with your back straight. Cross your legs so that your knees are as close to being stacked on top of each other as possible. Gently tuck your feet toward your buttocks on either side. If this is too painful or uncomfortable, sit on the blanket to lift your hips a little further up off the floor.

Breathe deeply, focusing on relaxing your hips. Count slowly to 30, then switch sides so your opposite leg is on top; repeat. If you’re comfortable sitting straight upright in this seated hip stretch, you can start to lean forward, but be sure to keep your back straight.

hip stretch