Reverse triangle is a powerful stretch to lengthen out your side body. To perform reverse triangle, start with your legs wide apart, your left leg back, and your left foot at a 90 degree angle. Your hips should be facing the same direction as your left toes.

Make sure both legs are straight. Raise your arms in a “T” shape, straight out from the shoulders. Lean back, dropping your left hand to your left leg, and bring your right arm up over your head so that it curves back toward the floor behind you. Try not to lean too much on your left leg — instead, think about holding your upper body in this position with your core.

Breathe deeply to the count of 15. Slowly release by bringing your right arm back over your head, coming back up into the “T” position before your drop your arms and bring your feet together. Switch sides and repeat reverse triangle on the other side.


Reverse Triangle