The psoas is a powerful muscle that stretches from the inside of the pelvis to the mid back. If this muscle becomes tight, it can cause lower back spasms and low back pain. Unfortunately, sitting for long periods of time — as most office workers do — can lead to the psoas becoming tight.

The following is one effective psoas stretch that will prevent the muscle from becoming tight.

To perform this stretch, start in an upright kneeling position — if your knees tend to get sore, consider placing a blanket or mat under your knees. Lift your right leg so your right foot is on the ground directly out in front of you with your leg bent so the knee is directly above the ankle, creating a right angle with your leg.

psoas stretch


Place both hands on your right leg for balance. Slowly lean forward, creating a stretch in the front of your left thigh and up your left side. To deepen the stretch, raise your left hand over your head and lean to the right.

Hold the position for the count of 15, then switch sides and repeat the psoas stretch on the other side.