If you’re looking for easy, relaxing ways to loosen your lower back, try the supine twist. This gentle twist can help loosen tight muscles in the lower back, preventing injury and reducing pain.

To do the supine twist, start by lying down on a firm but supportive surface, such as a yoga mat. Place your hands out straight on each side of you with both your legs straight to create a “T” position with your body.

Bend your left knee and bring it up until you’ve created a 90-degree angle with your left quad and your body.

Take a deep breath and tighten your stomach muscles. Gently let your left knee start to “fall” toward the floor on the right side of your body.

Go only as far as you can without pain. You may need to let your knee float above the ground if it’s too painful to let it stretch any further toward the floor. If you need some support, you can place a pillow on the floor below the knee.

Try to keep both shoulders on the ground as you breathe deeply into this stretch. It’s ok if you can’t keep both shoulders on the ground, but try to relax and imagine your shoulders relaxing toward the ground as much as possible.

Hold this position for 30 seconds, breathing deeply.

Switch sides and repeat.

Supine twist