For anyone seeking to reduce lower back pain, it’s important to strengthen not just the lower back and stomach muscles, but also the hips. Left lifts can help tremendously in this regard, helping to strengthen the outer hip and, in turn, provide additional stability to the lower back.

To do leg lifts, lay on your right side with your legs extended straight. Prop your head on on your right arm and place your left arm on the floor in front of you to help with stability and balance. Leg LiftsTake a deep breath, engage your stomach muscles, and lift your top leg off the bottom leg about six inches. Slowly lower the leg and repeat. Keep in mind that leg lifts are most effective when they’re done slowly, as it engages the muscles and takes advantage of gravity. Raise and lower your leg slowly ten times. Switch sides.


Once you have gained some strength, challenge yourself by raising both legs off the ground at once.