This simple kneeling lunge can help you to loosen some of your muscles that could be causing pain and discomfort. This simple exercise stretches tight hip flexors, which can occur if you sit a lot.

To do this kneeling lunge, start on a firm but support surface, such as a yoga mat. If you experience knee pain while doing this stretch, place a folded blanket under the knee you have on the floor.

Start in a kneeling position, on the blanket if you choose to use one. Rise up so you’re no longer resting on the back of your legs and your knees and thighs are perpendicular to each other.

Take your right foot out in front of you, so that your right foot is placed firmly on the ground and your right knee is at a 90 degree angle, with your ankle directly under your knee.

You can either curl your left toes under or rest the top of your left foot on the ground.

To start with, simply rest in this position, giving yourself a chance to find your balance. It can help to place your hands on your right knee.

Breathing deeply, slowly lean your body forward while maintaining an upright position. This should cause you to feel a stretch in either the front of your left thigh and quadricep. If you find that your right knee goes out over the front of your right ankle, gently move your foot forward until your knee is back at a 90-degree angle.

Breathe deeply to the count of 15. Lean back slightly to take the weight off your front foot. Switch sides and repeat.

kneeling lunge