If you experience lower back pain, an IT band stretch can help alleviate tension in the lower body.

For this stretch, you will need a strap, belt or scarf — something that is long enough to loop around the bottom of your foot and hold in both hands.

The IT band runs down the outer length of the leg. To stretch it, start by lying on your back on a firm supportive surface, such as a yoga mat. Bring both your knees into your chest, then hold your right leg to your chest as you lengthen your left leg so it lies straight out on the floor. Take your strap and loop it around the ball of your right foot, holding the ends of the strap in each hand. Slowly straighten your right leg toward the ceiling. This should not be painful. If it hurts to straighten the leg, keep a slight bend in the knee. You should feel a stretch, but NOT pain.

Take four or five deep breaths with the strap around the bottom of your foot and your foot flexed so your foot is flat to the ceiling.

Shift both ends of the strap to your left hand. Keeping your right hip on the ground, slowly lower your right foot across your body toward the floor on the left side. You will likely feel this along the outside of your right leg. Keep both feet flexed. Stop at whatever point you feel a deep stretch but before you feel pain. Breathe deeply.

To come out of the pose, bring your right leg back to upright, then bend your knee to release the tension in your leg.

Switch sides and repeat.

IT band stretch