Chiropractic care has many more applications than just adjusting bones and joints. In fact, it can positively affect a number of systems within the human body, including the muscles.


One of the areas that chiropractic care benefits is the promotion of healthy muscles. Medically speaking, chiropractic care is a neuromusculoskeletal therapy. It keeps body alignment intact using adjustments, which can help patients suffering from pain or lack of mobility.


1.   Muscle Therapy


Muscle therapy is a part of chiropractic therapy. It includes various treatments that ease muscle pain and stiffness. Muscle therapies aim to resolve muscle-related problems and promote healthy muscle by manipulating the muscles and other soft tissues. These treatments include kneading, massage, dry needling, trigger point therapy, and others that involve soft tissue. These treatments can help with back pain, muscle soreness, spasms and soft tissue injuries.


2.   Electric Stimulation


Electric stimulation is also a part of muscle therapy. Professionals and certified chiropractors perform this therapy to help ease inflammation and reduce muscle spasms. During treatment, the doctor applies electric stimulation via small pads placed around the affected area. It gives you a tingling feeling, and you can also feel your muscles contract during the treatment.


3.   Myofascial Release


Myofascial release is when a doctor uses their hands to find or determine the affected area and muscle. The treatment is performed by applying pressure to the areas where the muscle feels tight and tense.