Many people still do not know many of the other benefits of chiropractic therapy, other than bone adjustment and muscle relaxation. This neuromusculoskeletal therapy is highly beneficial for all body organs and systems.

One such major impact that chiropractic therapy does on the human body is improving circulation and reducing blood pressure. If you are having trouble with high blood pressure, receiving chiropractic care may help.


  1. Some research studies suggest that particular chiropractic exercises can help reduce blood pressure. This includes the realignment of the atlas vertebra with the spine. Moreover, those who sought chiropractic therapy soon after being diagnosed with high blood pressure found that it worked better at lowering blood pressure than those who underwent placebo therapy.
  2. Lower back and neck adjustments can also help lower blood pressure. Medical research has shown that manual adjustment of the spine stimulates the reflexes of our nervous system, effectively lowering blood pressure.
  3. When someone is in pain, it can cause blood pressure seems to fluctuate. Oftentimes chiropractic care provides pain relief, which can significantly lower high blood pressure caused by pain.
  4. As the blood pressure becomes normalized, blood circulation automatically improves. Blood circulation runs through arteries and veins; the spine is an essential part of the circulatory system. Therefore, blood circulation also improves with adjustments to the spine and central nervous system.
  5. Some of the symptoms of circulatory issues include a tingling sensation in the body’s extremities. This includes numbness, striking pain, muscle cramps, etc. Spinal manipulation in chiropractic care is an effective way to improve the body’s blood circulation, as it directly impacts the body’s central nervous system.