hip strengthener

If you’re a runner or you like to cross country ski, you understand the importance of having strong hips. There are also many yoga positions — especially balance positions — that require a lot of hip strength. This hip strengthener is a great option for anyone who wants to ensure their hips stay strong and healthy.

To do this hip strengthener, you need a Thera band tube, other resistance tube, or a resistance band that you’ve tied to create a circle — like a very large rubber band.

Loop this band around your legs so it rests on your thighs right above your knees. Keeping a straight back, bend your knees so you’re in a slightly forward position. When you look down, your knees should be right above your toes.

Staying in this position with your knees bent — you should start to feel a burn in your thighs — begin taking steps to the right, like a crab. Take one step to the right, then bring your left foot to rest next to it. Take another step to the right. Continue another 20 steps or so to the right, then reverse course and lead with you left foot to the left for another 20 side steps.

For best results, do this hip strengthener for as long as you can before you start to get tired. Remember to keep your feet parallel to each other and pointing straight out from your body.