Not many people realize that low back pain can come from tight hamstrings. If you sit all day for your job, it’s easy for these muscles on the back of your thighs to get tight from lack of extension. Here’s an easy hamstring stretch that you can do anywhere.

Find a chair, step or other slightly elevated surface. Place your left leg on the chair or step, standing back far enough that you can straighten your leg completely. Start by standing up straight and tall, then, keeping your spine straight and right leg straight as well, reach forward and down toward your left toes. Depending on how tight your hamstrings are, you may not be able to bend very far before you feel a stretch. Place your hands on your leg or on your foot in a position where you can feel the stretch but aren’t in pain. Breathe deeply to the count of 15, then slowly release your hold and curl back to standing. Switch sides and repeat.

For best results, do this hamstring stretch once or twice a day.

Hamstring Stretch for Low Back Pain