For those who have desk jobs, sitting can be very detrimental to lower back health — by maintaining a sitting position for multiple hours every day, you cause some muscles to contract and others to relax. However, the lack of variation in those movements or counter-stretches or positions leads to tightness, and, ultimately, pain.

Part of the reason for lower back pain is tightness in the hips and gluteal muscles that can come from sitting for long periods of time. This simple stretch can help to loosen those muscles and reduce pain.


To perform the gluteal stretch, lie on your back with your right knee bent so your right foot is on the ground. Place your left ankle on your right knee, creating a “window” you can see through (this stretch is also called the window stretch for that reason). If you find that you already feel a stretch in your left hip, you may just want to relax and breathe into the pose. If you don’t feel a stretch or feel like you can go further, lift your right leg up and clasp your hands behind your right knee. This will increase the intensity of the stretch. Once you have become comfortable in this position — which may not happen for several weeks, depending on how tight your muscles are — try to clasp the front of your right calf instead, effectively pulling your leg closer to you and increasing the intensity of the stretch in your hip.


Switch sides and repeat. Try to relax and breathe into the pose, giving yourself at least 30 seconds on each side.

gluteal stretch for back pain