For people who work at a computer especially, neck pain is a very common reality. It happens primarily from maintaining bad posture for hours, including sitting slouched over with your head jutting out, causing the muscles in your neck to tighten to try and hold your head up. Additionally, this slouching position makes the front of your shoulders tight, making it harder to sit with good posture anyway.


This gentle neck stretch will help you to relax the muscles in your neck and improve your posture, especially if you do it multiple times a day.

Step 1: Sit on a supportive surface. Let yourself settle into the way you usually sit so that you’re aware of how you’re slouching (note the rounding in your low back — this can also lead to pain.)

Neck Pain Stretch Step 1

Step 2: Imagine someone has a string tied to the top of your head, and they’re using it to pull up on your head, straightening your spine and dropping your shoulder blades down your back. Notice the way this supports your lower back, and brings your head back into alignment with your neck.

Neck Pain Stretch Step 2


Step 3: With your mouth closed, very gently lean your head back as far as it can go without pain. Focus on breathing in and out, letting the front of your neck relax and letting yourself relax into the stretch as your muscles loosen.

Neck Pain Stretch Step 3


This stretch is a great one to do at your desk, in the car or anywhere that you can sit comfortably. As with most stretches, a little bit goes a long way: by incorporating this simple neck stretch into your day, you can improve your posture and reduce pain.