For a simple way to stretch your lower back at any time, consider the forward fold. This stretch is done from a standing position, and can be a great way to loosen tight back muscles after long periods of sitting.

To perform the forward fold, start by standing with your feet hip width apart with your arms at your sides. Make sure you’re standing with a straight spine, with your shoulders relaxed and your neck straight.


Breathe in and bend forward at the waist. Bring your hands to where they reach comfortably: to your shins, feet, the floor or to your heels. If this causes pain, bend your knees slightly to relieve pressure on your back. Breathe deeply in and out five times.


Breathe in and yourself halfway up, bringing your hands to your knees as you flatten your back and bring your gaze out in front of you slightly so there’s a straight line from your tailbone up through the crown of your head. Breathe out and fold forward to the floor again, relaxing your head and neck and letting them hang. Breathe in and out, slowly and deeply, five more times.

Forward Fold



Repeat the forward fold several times during the day to keep your lower back and hamstrings stretched.