This easy seated twist is a simple option to loosen tight muscles in the neck and shoulders. To perform the twist, start in a simple cross-legged position on a firm, supportive surface. Raise your arms above your head, then twist to the right, letting your left hand drop to your right knee and your right hand drop to the floor behind you, looking back behind you over your right shoulder. Breathe deeply in and out for several seconds, letting your muscles relax into the pose.


For a deeper stretch, keep your upper body where it is but turn your head back around to the left and tip your left ear toward your left shoulder. Hold this position for 15 seconds, breathing deeply in and out.

Easy seated twist

To come out of the pose, bring your head upright and look straight ahead. Raise your arms above your head and let your body unwind until your upper body is pointing the same direction as your lower body. Switch sides and repeat.