Eagle Pose for hip and shoulder stretching not only loosens tight muscles from sitting at a computer all day, but also incorporates balance work.

To do eagle pose, stand upright with your feet hip width apart. Slowly start to lean to the right, eventually putting all your weight in your right foot. Bend your right knee, raise your left leg and try to wrap your left foot around your right calf. Depending on how tight your muscles are, you may not be able to get it wrapped all the way around. The more you can bend your right knee, however, the easier it will be.

Once you feel fairly stable on one leg, take your right elbow and wrap it under your left elbow. Try to get the fingers of your right hand into the palm of your left hand, so your forearms are in a twist. Depending on how tight your arms are, you may not be able to complete the twist. It’s ok to just breathe and keep your arms and legs wherever they feel challenged but not uncomfortable. If you feel ready to deepen the stretch in your shoulders, begin to raise your hands up, as if a string were pulling them toward the sky.

Eagle Pose for Hip and Shoulder Stretching

Hold eagle pose for 15 seconds, breathing deeply. If you fall out of the pose, simply start again. Switch sides and repeat.