The cobra pose is a yoga favorite for building strength in the lower back.

To do cobra pose, start by lying on your stomach on a flat, supportive surface. Rest your hands on your lower back, with your right cheek on the floor. Breathe deeply in this position to the count of ten.


Tighten the muscles in your legs, your buttocks and your stomach muscles to lift your shoulders off the floor, straightening your neck so you’re looking straight ahead. Keep your shoulders lowered away from your ears. Hold this position for five full breaths then relax and release back to the floor, bringing your left cheek to the ground. Repeat the exercise again.

For a bigger challenge, bring one of your arms forward when you’re holding your upper body up off the floor. Bring your hand to your face, as if you were saluting someone. Breathe deeply as you maintain the pose. Release to the floor and repeat on the other side.