There are more than 150 techniques for chiropractic adjustments. Fortunately, many of which are gentle and appropriate for patients with arthritis. These include gentle pressure point manipulation, like Dr. Bruce Laird offers at Laird Chiropractic and Muscle Therapy in Wenatchee, WA.

Even if the chiropractor doesn’t address the specific area where arthritis is present, they still may be able to help. This is done by relieving pressure and pain in other parts of the body. It’s best to advise a chiropractor of any arthritic pain or joints in an initial appointment so their care plan takes your arthritis into account.

In 2013, a study published in Osteoarthritis and Cartilage found that patient education combined with two chiropractic treatments a week for six weeks were more effective for osteoarthritis of the hip than a daily stretching program or patient education on their own.

Dr. Laird has spent more than 20 years as a chiropractor. His technique focuses on relieving pain by applying pressure to the soft tissue to relax the muscles, in turn making it easier for bones to move more freely and align.

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