This cat cow variation is a simple adaptation from the traditional cat cow yoga flow pose. It helps to loosen and realign the muscles around the spine.

Start this cat cow variation on your hands and knees on a flat, supportive surface. Make sure your knees are directly below your hips and your wrists are directly below your shoulders. Take a deep breath in as you raise your head to look toward the ceiling. At the same time, let your belly hang as you arch your tailbone upward, creating a hammock shape with your back.Cat cow variation

As you breathe out, curve your back toward the ceiling as you sit back on your heels and lower your head to the ground. Keep your hands where they are and rest on your forearms.

Cat cow variation


Breathe in and bring yourself back up to cow pose, looking toward the ceiling with your belly relaxed and your tailbone pointing toward the ceiling. Breathe out and sink back into child’s pose, sitting back on your heels with your forearms and forehand on the ground.

Repeat this cat cow variation, following the rhythm of your breath, 10 times.