Bridge pose is a simple yoga pose that can help improve your posture. If you’ve ever spent a lot of time bent over a computer or a desk, you’ll understand how easy it is for your head to get bent forward and your shoulders to hunch. Bridge pose helps to relax and realign your spine, neck and pelvis.

Start by lying on a firm surface, such as the floor. Begin with your back and feet on the floor, with your knees bent. Your arms should be lying at your sides, palms down.

It’s important to keep your neck straight – do not move it from side to side in this stretch. Tuck your chin slightly to stretch the back of your neck onto the floor, then engage your legs and begin to lift your pelvis off the floor. The goal is to raise your buttocks and back off the floor until you’re balanced on your feet, your shoulders and the back of your head.

Take several deep breaths from this position, then slowly lower yourself back to the floor, vertebrae by vertebrae, until your pelvis is once again resting on the floor.

Bridge pose