If you work at a desk or at another job that involves crouching over a computer all day, you probably have tight shoulders. This very simple back bend shoulder opener will help loosen the muscles in your shoulders and your back. It’s also a standing pose, which means it’s easy to do anywhere, including next to your desk in the office. It’s also referred to as standing camel in yoga.

Back bend shoulder opener

Stand with your feet wide and parallel. There should be roughly the distance of one of your legs between your feet. Start with your hands resting lightly on your lower back. Take a deep breath and slowly raise your chin to the ceiling. Lean back slightly, moving your hands down over your buttocks and lower legs for stability. This pose should not be uncomfortable. If you feel pain in your lower back, ease out of the pose to the point where it feels more comfortable.

Breathe deeply, counting to 30. The more you do the pose, the deeper you will be able to perform the back bend shoulder opener.